Spawned in New Zealand®
Smith Creek® - Uncompromising Fishing Gear
Innovative, exceptional quality fishing gear designed by fishermen for fishermen.
Company founder Wayne Smith, originally from California, discovered his own New Zealand paradise while fishing his way across the South Pacific on his sailboat 20 odd years ago. Being a designer and innovator he continues to think up new and better ways of doing things.
Every product that Smith Creek offers is an expression of our passion for adventure, the outdoors, and fly-fishing in particular.
Smith Creek Rod Rack™ - New Product!
Heavy-Duty Vehicle Interior Rod Racking System
Quick to fit and a pleasure to useÖ
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Rod Clip™ - Wearable fishing rod holder
Now available in Burnt Orange
Free your hands
rod clip

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Net Holster™ - Belt mounted landing net holder
Now available in Red
The smart way to carry your net

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Smith Creek Net Leash™ - Yoke mounted coiled lanyard
Never Lose Your Net - New Product!
Mounts to the net's yoke where itís out of the way.
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Rig Keeper™ - Dropper rig system
Carry multiple hook rigs tangle free

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Spent Line Wrangler™ - Waste fishing line holder
Now available in Burnt Orange
Keep our streams clean
Spent Line WranglerSpent Line Wrangler

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Middle Fork Fly Patch™ - Double-sided fly patch
Fish lighter and faster. Ribs protects flies

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Streamer Patch™ - Double-Sided Fly Patch System
For streamers and large flies.

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