Spawned in New Zealand®
Middle Fork Fly Patch™ - Double-sided fly patch

Fish lighter, faster and less encumbered by gear. "Load it up in the morning and leave your
fly boxes behind.

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The Smith Creek Middle Fork Fly Patch is the patented, extreme access, double-sided fly patch system designed with exposed ribs that protect your flies from loss due to rub-offs. Never before has it been easier to see and access your flies. It holds a lot of flies securely in custom micro slit foam and protected from damage or loss by its patented exposed ribs. Worn on its zinger, or a lanyard, makes it exceptionally easy to use. Its designed to be worn on vests or clothing, chest / sling packs. For use on lanyards or D-rings an alternative attachment cable is provided.

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Load it up in the morning and leave your fly boxes behind

Fish lighter, faster and less encumbered

Holds loads of flies

Ribs protect flies against damage & rub-offs
Holds flies securely

Adaptable use the zinger, wear on a lanyard, d-ring
or in your pocket
Includes high spec zinger w/rotating pin attachment & lanyard connector

Built Smith Creek tough
Custom formulated UV resistant body & high impact plastic

Patented No. 613464
With additional worldwide patent pending